A Family Guide To Keeping Chickens, 2nd Edition

by Anne Perdeaux

For the family and would-be smallholder, chickens are the obvious first step when venturing into keeping livestock. Chickens also make ideal family pets, requiring less attention than a dog yet still being entertaining, productive and educational.This practical book is ideal for the complete beginner. Even someone who has never kept animals before should be able to follow the clear, detailed guidance that is given at every stage. It includes: * Choosing the right chickens and housing for your garden size* Exploring useful equipment, such as poultry feeders and drinkers * Routine care for your chickens, including what to feed them on* Outfoxing the fox - and other predators* What to do with all those eggs!* Dealing with parasites and ailments* Broody hens and hatching eggsWith true-life portraits of chicken keepers, little known facts, and helpful and informative personal anecdotes, A Family Guide To Keeping Chickens, 2nd Edition is an easy and enjoyable read for anyone interested in keeping chickens.

ISBN: 9781472140449

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Date of Publication: 11/01/2018

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