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Arctic and Antarctic

by DK

ISBN: 9780241681701

With more than 33 million copies sold globally, introduce kids to the world's icy polar regions with the groundbreaking Eyewitness series.

The iconic Eyewitness is back in a new and improved format to be passed down through the generations, with a fresh new look, the latest photography, information and a collectible poster with facts and photographs from the book. Sold in 88 countries and 36 languages, Eyewitness consists of more than 170 titles across a diverse range of topics.

Throughout the pages of this newly revised book on the Arctic and Antarctic, you can find:

- An essential guide to the North and South poles, including the amazing wildlife and habitats and indigenous peoples that live here.
- Photographs and facts about the frozen regions at the ends of the Earth on every page.
- A fresh new look; new photographs, updated information, and a new "eyewitness" accounts from experts in the field.

Become the next polar explorer with this picture-led encyclopedia and step into the frozen regions at the ends of the Earth to explore the amazing habitats and wildlife in the North and South poles. See how polar bears endure the Arctic winter without hibernating, discover how penguins avoid frostbite in their toes, find out which explorer reached the South pole first and discover how Earth's changing climate is impacting these important environments.

Explore the series!

Globally, the Eyewitness series has sold millions of copies over 30 years. Travel through the solar system with Eyewitness Space, learn the incredible systems that keep your body functioning with Eyewitness Human Body or take a trip aboard the most famous ship in history with Eyewitness Titanic.

72 pages.

€ 12.50 

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Date of Publication: 01/08/2024

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