by Christopher Green

First there was BABIES, then came the TODDLER TAMING phenomenon - now there's the sequel every parent has been waiting for...Christopher Green has written BEYOND TODDLERDOM for all those parents in need of calm and wise advice on parenting the 5-10 year age group. The 5-10s have to face a number of developmental hurdles. They become aware of the world outside the home.

They will start school, make friends, take up hobbies and develop personal interests. They may move house, may live through a parental divorce, and will develop personality patterns that will stay with them for life. It is an important time.

Writing with his usual humorous, practical and down-to earth style, Chris Green draws on his many years of expertise as a paediatrician, father and grandfather to enable parents to understand their Child's needs and development during their pre-teen years. He takes full account of all the physical, psychological and sociological influences that are of importance during this time - and helps parents to make appropriate decisions about everything from friends to homework, sibling rivalry to positive discipline. It is the ideal companion to Chris Green's previous parenting 'bibles' and a must for every parent.

ISBN: 9780091816247

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