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Horses & Ponies: Everything You Need to Know

by DK

Covering every horsey topic you could possibly want to explore - from discovering the different horse and pony breeds, to finding out how cultures around the world live with their horses, and learning how horse-lovers ride these magnificent animals - DK's Horses & Ponies is a one-stop shop for equine knowledge. With colourful photographs and pictures on every page, this guide helps you become an expert in identifying the many different horse and pony breeds, from the enormous Dutch Draught Horse to the tiny Argentine Falabella. You will find out about all the ways that horses are an important part of our lives in different cultures, from sport, shows, traditions and celebrations, to transport, police work and even shrimp-fishing! This book answers all those questions that you've always asked yourself, including: What's the difference between horses and ponies? What is dressage? How do I steer a horse? How do horses communicate? How do they sleep standing up? What is the biggest horse that ever lived? And along the way, you'll learn how to understand and take care of your equine friends.

192 pages.

ISBN: 9780241446638

€ 18.50 

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Date of Publication: 01/04/2021

Cover of Horses & Ponies: Everything You Need to Know - DK - 9780241446638Hardback

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