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How Technology Works: From Monster Trucks to Mars Rovers

by DK

ISBN: 9780241656686

Get inside the machinery of the modern world and understand the science that makes it all work with this all-in-one encyclopedia.

Make technology fun, fascinating, and accessible with this inspiring guide for children aged 9+ that explains the machinery of everyday life.

Each page of this detailed encyclopedia will guide kids through the technology that surrounds them. Have you ever been tempted to take the back off your TV? Have you wondered about what's going on beneath your feet on the street where you live? Children can lift the lid on the technology they use all the time but take for granted. It also takes them to places they'll never get the chance to see, such as the inside of a nuclear storage facility or the crew capsule on top of a Moon rocket.

This technology encyclopedia for kids offers:

- Key insights into the science that makes machinery work, explained in an accessible way for 9-12 year olds.
- Zoom-ins, pull-outs, cutaways, and sequences that reveal hidden features and explain how things work.
- Technology at every scale, from your own body to an electric scooter or a national power grid.

How Technology Works takes kids on a journey of discovery, starting with technology at work inside the human body before exploring cities and factories and then blasting off into space. Along the way, they will lose themselves in super-detailed illustrations that reveal amazing hidden things and explain how they work.

208 pages.

€ 24.99 

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Date of Publication: 04/07/2024

Cover of How Technology Works: From Monster Trucks to Mars Rovers - DK - 9780241656686Hardback

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