Matt Roberts' Younger, Fitter, Stronger

by Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts' Younger, Fitter, Stronger is a ground-breaking fitness manual designed to guide mid-life man towards a lifestyle that will ensure they retain youthfulness, maintain and build strength and maximise their physical and mental performance. Drawing on more than 20 years of personal training experience with thousands of clients, Matt Roberts brings you a powerful combination of cutting-edge science and transformative workouts. The benefits and results are manifold: boosted energy, improved muscle mass, a revitalised sex drive, more restful sleep - even better-looking skin and hair. You'll look and feel as good - or better - than you did in your 20s. The day-by-day 8-week plan is based on ground-breaking recent studies that have discovered the anti-ageing benefits of boosting testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) levels through the targeted use of exercise and diet. Raising levels of these hormones is key to maintaining health and fitness in mid-life, and it can be achieved. This is the essential fitness guide for the mid-life man.

ISBN: 9781472964496

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Date of Publication: 15/04/2019

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