National Geographic Traveler: Ireland, Fifth Edition

by Christopher Somerville

The National Geographic Traveler guidebooks are in tune with the growing trend toward experiential travel. Each book provides inspiring photography, insider tips, and expert advice for a more authentic, enriching experience of the destination. These books serve a readership of active, discerning travelers, and supply information, historical context, and cultural interpretation not available online. History and culture based tourism is experiencing an unprecedented boom and Ireland is a destination that is rich in both. Tower after tower, the Irish Anglo-Norman castles stud the island. They are the calling card of the country's ancient culture and turning the pages of this guide, readers will discover them, one by one, in the company of Christopher Somerville, one of the U.K.'s most famous travel narrators. The guide covers all of the regions of Ireland including the cosmopolitan capital city of Dublin, the charming hills of Wicklow and the limestone plateau in Burren. It covers Northern Ireland as well, beginning with the lively city of Belfast and continuing on to Ulster, Derry and a number of other significant historical destinations. Every page offers useful advice about how to get around and about the best way to visit each location. Images in the guide include 170 photographs, more than 20 maps and the three-dimensional drawings that illustrate the intricate architectural structures of Dublin's Kilmainham Gaol, which was once a prison but is now a museum. With suggestions from local experts, visitors can dive into Irish culture through first-hand experiences such as learning traditional Irish dancing in Galway, taking Irish language lessons in Ennis or helping volunteers to restore Ireland's raised bogs.

ISBN: 9788854415133

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Date of Publication: 15/11/2019

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