1st Edition Network Textbook Activities & Accounts Book & Key Words Book

by Roisin Mallon

1st Edition - Free ebook version included

Includes printed Activities and Accounts Book AND Key Words Book.
Covers the course in clear language at an appropriate reading age for students of this common-level course.
Dedicated, equally-weighted sections for each of the three strands: Personal Finance, Enterprise and Our Economy.
Learning intentions and key words are identified for students at the start of each topic.
Tasks embedded in the chapters encourage students to develop each of the 8 Key Skills of Junior Cycle as they research, debate, present, work together and complete creative projects.
‘Go’ links throughout the text highlight connections between concepts and strands and help students to develop a rounded understanding of Business Studies.
Key cross-cutting themes, such as technology, globalisation and sustainability, are highlighted throughout with relevant facts and activities.
The Our Economy strand offers students a clear, carefully-pitched introduction to new concepts and topics, such as economic policy, demand and supply and the EU.
The dedicated Economy Watch feature prompts students to keep up to date with key data, such as unemployment figures, tax rates and inflation.
Research, project work and presentations throughout help prepare students for their Classroom-Based Assessments.
End-of-chapter questions have a coin rating to show difficulty.
Differentiation is at the core of questions and accompanying tasks, allowing teachers to pick and choose suitable material for their classes.
Assessment is integrated within and at the end of every chapter, with pair work and group work encouraged throughout.
End-of-chapter summaries embed learning and act as a useful revision tool.
End-of-chapter Business World articles help students link what they have just learned with examples and case studies from the real world.

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