Nothing's Do Bad That It Couldn't Be Worse

by Raymond Poole

"Nothing's so bad that it couldn't be worse."

These are the words that Raymond Poole's father spoke to him many times during his life. It is a reflection to remind oneself that no matter how bad things may seem at a particular point of time in your life that it could be worse; and more importantly that you can get through it.

Positive mindset was very much part of Raymond's uprising. Perspective, uplifting and emotional, this is a portrait of the challenges he faced. Hi story will make you pause to reflect on your own life and his brutal honesty will help you overcome the obstacles that may appear immovable. No matter how dark things may have seemed, Raymond got through them.

This book is a must read for anyone who questions their abilities to overcome the challanges life throws at them.

ISBN: 9781916088337

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Date of Publication: 30/01/2020

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