Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Japanese, Premium Second Edition

by Eriko Sato

Build a solid foundation in Japanese with this bestselling workbook-now enhanced with audio support! Learning Japanese is easy with this accessible guide. Presented in manageable, bite-sized lessons and engaging exercises, Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Japanese helps you quickly assimilate the basics of the language. Eight chapters are split into bite-sized units, which you can expect to complete in 20 to 30 minutes. The units begin with the basic sounds and writing systems of Japanese, and go on to cover essential grammar and useful vocabulary. This Premium second edition is supported by more than 60 minutes of audio recordings, streaming via the McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app. The recordings will help you improve your speaking and listening skills by following the model of native Japanese speakers. Designed as a study tool for beginning students and as a review for intermediate level learners of Japanese, Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Japanese features: * An accessible format with simple grammar reviews, clear examples, and engaging exercises* 200 exercises to help you develop your new language skills* Japanese script and corresponding romaji transliteration provided throughout* New: Interactive exercises, available via app and online, that let you assess what you've learned* New: More than 60-minutes of streaming audio to guide correct pronunciation and build listening skills

ISBN: 9781260121070

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Date of Publication: 24/06/2019

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