Chaos is a Friend of Mine

by Ewan MacKenna

This book tells Conor McGregor's journey to becoming one of the most controversial sports stars of the 21st century, loved and loathed in equal measure, a divisive figure who, by 2018, was multi-millionaire champion shacked up in Las Vegas and waiting for his latest superfight.

A wonderful rags-to-riches tale? Dedicated athlete? Cultural phenomenon? Troubled soul? Out-of-control kid? Confused young man? Narcissist? Arrogant thug? Sporting icon? McGregor is any and all but, crucially, more than most sporting stars, he is also a mirror of society

ISBN: 9781909245907

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Date of Publication: 28/10/2019

Cover of Chaos is a Friend of Mine - Ewan MacKenna - 9781909245907Hardback