Self Reiki: Tune in to Your Life Force to Achieve Harmony and Balance

by Jasmin Harsono

Harness the power of your own hands and use Reiki techniques at home - to harmonise and heal. A Reiki session produces a feeling of radiance and a sense of calm, peace, security, and harmony of body and mind. Reiki can also alleviate pain and treat stress and anxiety. The practice is intuitive - tuning into internal energy, laying hands on or close to targeted areas of the body to identify blockages and using placement and pressure to encourage a healthy flow of life energy. And the results can be transformative. But there is so much more to Reiki than the hands-on body work that it is best known for. Reiki Master and wellbeing mentor Jasmin Harsono gives you over 50 self-Reiki techniques and exercises that you can use anytime, anywhere. Connect with the universal energy and come home to your true self - using meditation, mantra, visualisation, breathwork, and distant as well as hands-on healing. This ancient Japanese hands-on healing system is more popular than ever as more people turn to Eastern medicine - in particular, Japanese wellness traditions - for inspiration. And the more you can do at home, outside of visits to a therapist, the more or Reiki's far-reaching benefits you will enjoy.

ISBN: 9780241410387

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Date of Publication: 26/12/2019

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