Spiritual Fertility: Integrative Practices for the Journey to Motherhood

by Dr Julie Von

'Spiritual Fertility contains everything that anyone dealing with fertility issues on any level needs to know.' - Dr Christiane Northrup, New York Times bestselling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Spiritual Fertility is a deeply compassionate guide for self-care in which the journey towards your healing also becomes the journey towards fertility. Whether you're just starting to think about a family or you've been trying for years, this book will provide an uplifting experience of fertility and conscious conception. Fertility is about more than just the biochemical process of conception: the dynamic spark that is responsible for creating each new human being cannot be reduced to a mass of cells. There is a deeper mystery at play that you can tap into in order to become your own empowered advocate. Holistic fertility expert and 'baby whisperer' Dr Julie Von explains how to access your deepest intuitive wisdom and use it as a powerful tool for fertility. What doctors don't tell you when you begin to look at fertility treatments is that healing family wounds, balancing hormones and creating a receptive energy are essential for connecting with the spiritual and unseen aspects of creating life. With compassion and clarity, Dr Von provides proven practices to unblock past trauma, reorient with your wholeness and even connect with the spirits of your future children.

ISBN: 9781788171885

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Date of Publication: 16/07/2019

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