Tales We Tell Ourselves: A Selection from The Decameron

by Carlo Gebler

Men are cocooning from the epidemic, alarmed by daily reports of death nearing their doorstep.

Seeking escape from their precarious condition, they while away the time by telling each other stories.

There is only one major rule: all the stories must be brilliant.

Nothing less will do. Sound familiar? It should, as it describes the circumstances these people find themselves in Giovanni Boccaccio's 14th century masterpiece The Decameron.

In this selection novelist and writer Carlo G้bler - who has a proven track record when it comes to the retelling of classic texts - and New Island Publisher Edwin Higel present a selection of Boccaccio's tales for a contemporary readership whose pandemic experiences mirror what Boccaccio's characters endured.

In this new selection Boccaccio's original stories, which are at once frank, witty and tragic, are retold in clear modern English by a master interpreter.

They continue to enchant and intrigue, a timely reminder of the transcendent power of timeless literature. G้bler's new versions do not violate or bowdlerise the original narratives; Boccaccio's stories remain recognisable - indeed he would recognise them if he read them himself.

316 pages.

ISBN: 9781848407862

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Date of Publication: 10/11/2020

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