Talk is Cheap

by Terri O'Mahony

The book is about abandonment, intrigue, deception, betrayal, and love, revolving around the lives of the two main characters Lona and Carl. Their lives are moulded by the circumstances of Lonaís birth, and Carlís upbringing by his mother. Lona, abandoned at birth, and Carlís childhood shadowed by his motherís dubious profession. Set in three countries, South Africa, Great Britain and Ireland, it deals with the dark side of life, the exploitation of young women and the illegal trafficking of such women into Europe. Both Lonaís and Carlís characters are very enigmatic, you could say split personalities, Lonaís personality not unlike her birth motherís, a doctor in the Third World attached to a World Aid Organisation, who has reluctantly agreed to meet with Lona after abandoning her as a baby.
The story involves many conflicts, uprisings in the African states against the governmentís militia, the love between one of the leaders of the rebels and a girl who unwittingly has been duped into the darker side of life, and the unhappy consequences.
Fate intervenes, in the end, forcing Lona and Carl to establish new identities, away from the turmoil which has dogged their lives, hopefully coming to terms with their demons.

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Date of Publication: 01/11/2017

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