The Death Of Superman: The Wake

by Louise Simonson

What is it like to be Superman? When the events of a day can be completed in a matter of minutes? Follow the hours that lead to the Man of Steel s face-off with Doomsday the alien that is destined to destroy him. He ll save an astronaut when a meteor crashes into their shuttle, he ll save Major Lane when his experiment-gone-wrong Metallo comes for revenge, plus he ll save time for a visit when Ma and Pa come to Metropolis to meet his new lady, Lois and that s just the beginning. Featuring additional chapters following the path of the Daily Planet s Jimmy Olsen in those fateful hours, plus the aftermath of the loss of a true hero. Collects The Death of Superman #1-12.

ISBN: 9781779501134

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Date of Publication: 22/11/2019

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