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The Four Workarounds

by Paulo Savaget

Even with all the time and money in the world, sometimes no perfect solution can be found. Often we need something easier, smarter and quicker: we need the workaround. When Paulo Savaget was ten months old growing up in Brazil, he became deathly ill. His parents had no access to baby formula he needed - but managed to save his life using a simple workaround. Decades later, Savaget began to study workarounds to find different ways they can address our most urgent problems. For ages, corporations have been lecturing the world on how to get things done - but Savaget soon discovered that much about problem-solving can be learned from the scrappiest groups. He focused his research on groups that have made an artform out of subverting the status quo. He identified four workarounds: the piggyback, the loophole, the roundabout, and the next-best. This book explains how each one works and how to know which one to use when. The Four Workarounds covers stories of how seemingly intractable problems - from public urination to the challenges of delivering life-saving medicine to remote communities - were unconventionally addressed. Savaget shows how some of the world's most influential and admired organizations have used and benefited from these scrappy tactics. And he demonstrates how we can, too.

320 pages.

ISBN: 9781529346046

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Date of Publication: 24/02/2023

Cover of The Four Workarounds - Paulo Savaget - 9781529346046Paperback

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