The Ranger of Marzanna

by Jon Skovron

Two siblings. Two nations. One war for it all. Sonya is training to be a Ranger of Marzanna, an ancient sect of warriors who have protected the land for generations. But the old ways are dying, and the rangers have all been forced into hiding or killed off by the invading Empire. When her father is murdered by imperial soldiers, she decides to finally take action. Using her skills as a ranger she will travel across the bitter cold tundra and gain the allegiance of the only other force strong enough to take down the invaders. But nothing about her quest will be easy. Her brother, Sebastian, is the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever seen. And he's fighting for the empire. The Ranger of Marzanna begins an epic tale of warring siblings, loyal horses, powerful magic and daring adventures.

ISBN: 9780356514857

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Date of Publication: 23/04/2020

Cover of The Ranger of Marzanna - Jon Skovron - 9780356514857Paperback