Written by Anna Callaly and illustrated by Helena Grimes, Thinking Star is a reassuring and timely story about love, loneliness and the search for a way to feel connected to the ones we love, while we are apart.

As night falls and bedtime nears, a tearful fox cub and his dad come up with a magical plan to think of each other while Dad is away. They draw a faraway map to the stars - to their very own Thinking Star! Knowing that he can look to their Thinking Star comforts and reassures the cub as he drifts off to sleep.

All is well until a dark, stormy night begins to swallow up the sky. Alone and afraid, the little fox cub must dig deep and brave the storm to find their thinking star."And I'll be thinking of you Dad, And you'll be thinking of me, As we look upon our Thinking Star, Up beyond the old willow tree."

ISBN: 9781838195007

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Date of Publication: 23/11/2020

Cover of Thinking Star - Anna Callaly and Helena Grimes - 9781838195007Paperback