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Thirty Trillion Cells: How Your Body Really Works

by Isabel Thomas

ISBN: 9781803380995

Do you know what you're made of? The answer is CELLS - about thirty TRILLION of them - all working together to form one awesome human being: YOU.

The tiniest building blocks of life are crammed amongst the pages of this book, waiting to be discovered. From individual cells to complex systems, discover how your body moves, grows, breathes, senses, thinks and feels. Find out why you get butterflies in your stomach, how your brain is more complex than the most powerful computer, and that you are home to more bacteria cells than there are stars in the Milky Way.

Featuring expansive, artistic illustration that is as beautiful to look at as it is educational, your intricate, incredible cells are worth a closer look.

64 pages.

€ 12.50 

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Date of Publication: 29/08/2024

Cover of Thirty Trillion Cells: How Your Body Really Works - Isabel Thomas - 9781803380995Paperback

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