What's in the Egg?: Pop-Up Book

by Biederstadt, ,Maike

This dynamic book opens with a familiar and joyful sight-a baby bird hatching from an egg that sits in a nest high on a tree. The following pages hold even more delightful surprises, as each spread opens to reveal a different animal and the kind of egg it comes from. Did you know that crocodile mothers walk from the shore to the water holding their eggs in their mouths? That emperor penguin fathers keep their eggs warm by balancing them on their feet? Or that the milkweed plant is the only place a monarch butterfly will lay her eggs? Delicately detailed and boldly coloured, every scene is a work of art that depicts its animal's unique markings and natural habitat. As they pore over each elaborately constructed page, young readers will learn valuable information about how different animals hatch from eggs in the natural world.

ISBN: 9783791374352

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Date of Publication: 05/03/2020

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