A Table For Two

by Tom McElligott

Within this book of short stories lie comedy, mystery and tales of the vagaries of life and death. The collection begins with the title story 'A Table for Two' where the eccentricities of young and old are played out over a cup of tea in Momma's Cafe.

Meeting the peculiarities of being selfish with Mr. Crusty in 'Grumpy's Coffey Morning' and Derry in 'Better Late Than Never' tells with some subtle humour how the lives of others are affected by them. The frailities of reaching old age and difficulties in making delicate decisions are articulated in 'Losing Touch', 'An Old Age Question' and in 'Counting Down The Clock'.

While three Flash Fiction stories are included also 'Stone Cold Man', 'Arnie and Grunty; and in 'Nosey Parkers which is set in a rural village - where nothing is missed.

In stories taken from the latter part of the book, a woman is visited by the ghosts of her past in 'Can I Tell You Something.' And in 'Black Cats Have Black Kittens', a woebegone misfortune returns to Gossiptown in search of answers, while in 'Meeting Constance' a neurotic looks back over the dark ways of his life and obsession in finding love.

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