Beal Beo 3 - 3rd class Text + CD

by Brian de Bhaldraithe

Béal Beo is a new progressive and interactive Irish Language Programme for 3rd to 6th class.

The Béal Beo pupils' book is written and designed to cover the ten themes of the curriculum
Integrates the combined strands of listening, reading, writing, speaking and oral language
The pupils' book is central to the programme and contains engaging stories with relevant and current material to suit each age group.
Each lesson begins with a conversation page, 'Labhair Linn', from which the weekly work is developed.
Drama is used as a teaching method in the grammarsections to make it enjoyable and to reinforce points of grammar.
Repetition and expansion of vocabulary and feidhmeanna teanga throughout support both revision and development of the language.
The textbook is designed to be both teacher- and child-friendly, with symbols to highlight where additional digital resources are available

ISBN: 9781845364830

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