Naked Irish

by Clare O'Dea

Clare O’Dea cleverly and courageously skewers Irish society in this book, nit picking our notions and stamping on our stereotypes. Clare tells us who we really are, and while some of the truths are uncomfortable, the forensic analysis is undeniable.

A fascinating and absorbing read for the Irish and those who’d like to get to know us. - Liz Nugent

The old clichés about the Irish are as comfortable as they are familiar. They give us apart to play and save us the trouble of soul-searching. But what if there was something much more interesting and attractive underneath those layers of exaggeration? Isn’t it worth ?nding out?

Cross-cultural journalist Clare O’Dea takes the most common assumptions about the Irish and examines them one by one. Ireland and its people have changed dramatically in the space of a generation. As we approach a century of independence, O’Dea reveals the modern nation in all its glory, failings and contradictions. Clare O'Dea's career as a journalist spans two decades and three countries.

She has worked at The Irish Times, RTE, Today FM and also as a theatre producer

ISBN: 9781912514519

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Date of Publication: 21/09/2019

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