Nature's Secret Adventures

by Shane Casey

In 'Nature's Secret Adventures' you'll find local Irish wildlife as they really are in nature. There are no exotic animals in tuxedos here! Our aim is to open up children's eyes to the world of wildlife on their doorsteps. The characters and settings (pygmy shrews, otters, tadpoles, mayflies, riverbanks and back gardens) are creatures and habitats you'll find right across the country.

There are three stories in total; 'The Amazing Tale of Sheridan', 'Orla's Big Day', and 'The Fairy's Foxtrot'.

Sheridan is an ordinary little pygmy shrew, minding his own business, when a big tom cat threatens Cheryl, the pygmy shrew of his dreams. Will Sheridan be able to rescue Cheryl?

It's Orla's first day at school and she's very nervous, however, Orla's nerves soon disappear when she meets all the other little creatures in her class. Meet the little duckling, salmon and tadpoles who all have very big dreams.

The 'Fairy's Foxtrot' is the oldest legend in the world. It's about two little mayflies, Mervin and Maria, and the amazing world they discover when they leave their river bed. But the world beyond the river is a dangerous place!

The book is aimed at children aged six years and over who are beginning to read alone, or younger children who are reading with their parents. It's for all children, and is formatted to aid dyslexic readers. We used OpenDyslexic font, and avoided black text on a white background, double spacing after punctuation marks, and beginning the first word of a new sentence on the previous line.

ISBN: 9780992749002

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Date of Publication: 31/10/2013

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