Defining Intelligence In An Educational Context

by Pat Keogh

This book DEFINING INTELLIGENCE in an educational context; by Dr Pat Keogh is provocative in that it challenges conventional Psychological testing. Keogh maintains that it is unethical for a person to conduct an intelligence assessment on another human being. Human intelligence is unquantifiable. Observing or analysing behaviour, personality, beliefs or acquired knowledge cannot produce a quantifiable measure of a person’s intelligence. The brain can perform millions of billions of calculations per second. This gives the person enormous power and incalculable potential. Yet, saying ‘I use my brain to think’ awards the ‘I’ (the mind) priority over the brain. We are thinking beings. We are compelled and condemned to think. Thinking is process. We cannot analyse thinking but we can analyse thoughts and ideas, the products of thinking. The mind works best when the body is at rest. The mind never rests.

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Date of Publication: 21/01/2019

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