Foundation Maths for Leaving Certificate

by Gráinne Enright

Customers who have used our “LCA Maths” series have asked us to produce a resource for students taking Foundation level Maths for Leaving Cert. In response to this, we are delighted to announce the publication of “Foundation Maths for Leaving Certificate” by Gráinne Enright. The new Foundation Level book:
Contains up-to-date content based on recent examination questions.
Uses a clear and visually attrractive layout, offering the right density of text.
Caters for every learing outcome on the current syllabus.
Presents the content in manageable "chunks" via clear explanations, worked examples, “Try it yourself”, “Further practice” and past exam questions.
Helps with literacy by summarising key vocabulary at the end of each chapter.
Provides lots of opportunity to practice, enabling students to improve and gain confidence through repetition.
The attractive but serious cover brings a dignity and respect to the study of Maths at this level. This was particulaly requested by teachers.

“Foundation Maths for Leaving Certificate” is a standalone and complete resource that can be used as a textbook or workbook, according to school policy.

ISBN: 9781999829308

€ 19.00 

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Cover of Foundation Maths for Leaving Certificate - Gráinne Enright - 9781999829308Paperback

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