History Alive Text & Activity

by Grainne Henry

History Alive adheres to the vision and concepts that are outlined in the Junior Cycle History specification. Learning intentions at the start of each section guide student learning and achievement of each of the specified Learning Outcomes Activities are linked to one or more of the Junior Cycle Key Skills, in particular, literacy, numeracy, managing information and thinking, communicating and working with others A variety of activities encourages group and collaborative work The development of historical skills of enquiry, as recommended in the NCCA teaching and learning guidelines, is a key feature Bright, student-friendly layout with colourful illustrations, maps, drawings and clear images Comprehensive treatment of the three strands of the new Junior Cycle History course A wide range of accessible, interesting and relevant activities place students at the centre of the learning experience Clear and concise language is easy to follow and is age-appropriate, catering for diverse learning abilities Key terms and concepts are highlighted and explained throughout Diagrams and photographs provide historical source material which is integrated with questions and references to encourage student engagement

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