Iontas 2 Textbook & Workbook Gnathleibheal

by Yvonne O'Toole & Elizabeth Wade

A brand new, modern Irish text for Junior Cert Ordinary Level students

A building-block approach allows students to develop their skills in a logical manner and to gain confidence
Oral, aural, reading and writing skills are developed in each unit of this vibrant textbook using a simple, no-fuss style
Reading comprehensions and modern communication methods feature throughout
A wide variety of exercises reinforce learning, including questions to be answered and composed, fill in the blanks, true or false, spot the difference, and matching exercises
A clear emphasis is placed on literacy and oral skills
Comprehensive use is made of dictations and FACSS (Féach Abair Clúdaigh Scríobh Seiceáil) exercises to help students to get to grips with spelling
A revision section is included at the end of each unit
Integrated Aural work relates directly to the topic being taught
Contains examples of exam-style Cluastuiscint questions
Students are prepared for the Oral Irish exam, with sample questions and answers for each topic
A dedicated Oral unit covers the Sraith Pictiúr and role play, with vocabulary and sample conversations
Pair and group work in every unit will help to develop the spoken language
Iontas 2 features an integrated approach to grammar, as well as a dedicated unit dealing with the main aspects of Irish grammar
One poem and one prose story are provided for students who go on to study Iontas 3 in 3rd year
A comprehensive revision booklet contains tests to help monitor students’ progress
A free Teacher’s Resource Pack includes a Teacher’s Resource Book with additional material for Christmas and summer exams, wordsearches and extra reading comprehensions

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