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Life Without Diabetes

by Professor Roy Taylor

From the pioneer of diabetes reversal and creator of the 'Newcastle Diet' Type 2 diabetes has been regarded as an incurable, lifelong condition for centuries. Even worse, it seemed to be inevitably progressive. When you got the diagnosis, it was as though above the clinic door was written: Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Professor Roy Taylor is the world's leading expert on Type 2, the man who in 2006 finally found the missing piece in the scientific jigsaw that paved the way for a cure. With his international team of researchers in Newcastle, he then launched a multi-million-pound trial, involving 280 Type 2 diabetics from around the UK, and last year published the remarkable, life-changing results. His research found that Type 2 diabetes is caused by just one factor: too much fat in the liver and pancreas. And that the most efficient way to shed fat from these organs is to lose weight fast. In this book Taylor brings all the knowledge and experience that he has amassed during four decades of treating people with Type 2 and responding to their particular concerns and problems. He offers a definitive account of how Type 2 develops, explains exactly what is happening in the body if you have the disease and how you can live a full life beyond it.

224 pages.

ISBN: 9781780724096

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Date of Publication: 26/12/2019

Cover of Life Without Diabetes - Professor Roy Taylor - 9781780724096Paperback

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