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Moon Signs: Your lunar astrological guide

by Marion Williamson

ISBN: 9781398816039

Your Moon sign represents your emotional being, your private and intuitive self and not necessarily the face you show to the world. Your unstudied responses, moods, longings, fears and motivation are all expressed by where the Moon was at your time of birth. It's your essence - who you are on the inside, beneath your socially acceptable Sun sign. If you want to know yourself well, or are compelled to understand the people around you, the Moon offers a swell of dynamic psychological insight that unlocks the door to the authentic person within.

Understanding your Moon sign gives you the tools to master your fears and better control how you respond when you feel triggered. You'll understand what attracts you in love, look your vulnerabilities in the eye, and appreciate why you act in a particular way to protect or defend yourself.

The Moon's fluctuating phases and fast-moving nature reflect your dynamic inner landscape, pushing and pulling on your emotions, just as it does with the ocean's tides. Here bestselling author and astrologer, Marion Williamson reveals what your Moon sign says about you and how it interacts with your Sun sign.

128 pages.

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Date of Publication: 01/01/2024

Cover of Moon Signs: Your lunar astrological guide - Marion Williamson - 9781398816039Hardback

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