My Word A Day 4

by John Newman

This vibrant and engaging series ensures that many of the aims and learning outcomes of the new Primary Language Programme are addressed, namely:

The acquisition and use of oral vocabulary
The use of language with confidence
The use of coherent sentences of increasing complexity.

Each book is structured around the 36 weeks of the school year. A new word is introduced each day; the pupil is actively and meaningfully involved in the learning process. Pupils are tasked with:
Finding the meaning of the word given in their dictionary.
Transcribing the meaning into their My Word a Day book, on the appropriate page.
Demonstrating their understanding of the word by writing a sentence into their My Word a Day book.
Reading out their sentence in class, and listening to other sentences.
Writing in the meanings of the new words that they encounter.

Each My Word a Day book has a thesaurus section. Pupils match synonyms to the words introduced throughout, revising and consolidating their understanding and usage of this vocabulary. Although My Word a Day is intended as a homework book, it can also be used during the school day, if the teacher prefers. Class discussion of pupilsí sentences encourages enrichment of literacy and creativity, while empowering pupils to build on their oral language and vocabulary skills.

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