Reward FAQ

When do I receive Bookpoints?

Bookpoints will usually be awarded immediately to a REWARD CARD as long as the card is registered.

How are Bookpoints calculated?

Instore: Bookpoints are awarded at a rate of 3 Bookpoints for every €1 spent or a pro rata amount rounded down to the nearest point. Bookpoints for school and academic books are awarded at a rate of 1 Bookpoint for every €1 spent. O'Mahony Gift Vouchers are awarded 2 Bookpoints for every €1 spent. The number of Bookpoints awarded on products may change. No Bookpoints are awarded when Book tokens, One for all cards, O'Mahony's Gift Cards, In-store Promotion vouchers and School vouchers are produced as payment. Where points are being used as payment on a transaction, no bookpoints apply to that transaction.

On our website: One Bookpoint for every €1 spent rounded down to the nearest point excluding delivery charges will be added to your O'Mahony's Reward Card for redemption in store. Where there is a promotion running on our website (including discounts, coupons or special prices), no bookpoints will apply. 

Do I get Bookpoints on your website?

While our Reward Card is primarily for in-store purchases, reward card bookpoints can also be earned online, you need to link your Card to your online account using the "Change My Profile" link after logging in, you only need to set this up once and then points will be added automatically within a few days of purchase. Guest Checkout cannot be used to receive Bookpoints. 

Why do I need to register my card?

You cannot redeem points unless you have registered your card.

How do I earn Bookpoints?

Simply present your card when you bring items to the check-out or set up your Reward Card to your online account prior to any purchases.

How do I spend Bookpoints?

REWARD CARDS need to be registered to redeem Bookpoints and REWARD CARDS need to have a balance of 200 or more Bookpoints to be redeemed in any O'Mahony's branch.

One Bookpoint is equal to one cent.  Bookpoints cannot be redeemed for cash.

What happens if I return an item?

The Bookpoints that you were awarded when you made your purchase will be deducted from your REWARD CARD.

Can I get Bookpoints if I forget to present my card?

No, your Reward Card must be presented at time of purchase and bookpoints cannot be added retrospectively.

Are there items that don't receive Bookpoints?

Bookpoints are not awarded on book tokens, book covering, plastic bag levy, postage/delivery or sale items.

My email address and/or mobile number has changed, do I need to contact you?

Yes, you need to email so that we can update your card information, otherwise you may miss out on promotions and information on changes to the Reward Card.

Can I save for my children's schoolbooks or for Christmas on my Reward Card?

Yes, for every €1 that you save with us, we will convert it into 100 bookpoints for you to be spent whenever you wish. Just ask at any counter when presenting your Reward Card.

I've lost my card, what do I do?

Please call into any of our shops  or email