Heavy Vinyl: Riot on the Radio

by Carly Usdin

Excelsior Award Blue, for students aged 11 and over (Key Stage 3)

When Chris joins the staff at her local record store, she's surprised to find out that her co-workers share a secret: they're all members of a secret fight club that take on the patriarchy and fight crime! Starry-eyed Chris has just started the dream job every outcast kid in town wants: working at Vinyl Mayhem. It's as rad as she imagined; her boss is BOSS, her co-workers spend their time arguing over music, pushing against the patriarchy, and endlessly trying to form a band. When Rosie Riot, the staff's favorite singer, mysteriously vanishes the night before her band's show, Chris discovers her co-workers are doing more than just sorting vinyl . . . Her local indie record store is also a front for a teen girl vigilante fight club! Follow writer Carly Usdin (director of Suicide Kale) and artist Nina Vakueva (Lilith's World) into the Hi-Fi Fight Club, wher they deliver a rock and roll tale of intrigue and boundless friendship.

ISBN: 9781684151417

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Date of Publication: 14/06/2018

Cover of Heavy Vinyl: Riot on the Radio - Carly Usdin - 9781684151417Paperback

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