Hughie Mittman's Fear of Lawnmowers

by Conor Bowman

Sometimes it can be hard to find a new beginning in the middle of so many endings... Hughie Mittman is in search of forgiveness. He has just lost his mother and believes it is all his fault. And, with his father more distant than ever, how can Hughie make things right? As he does his best to navigate this unfamiliar version of his life, and overcome his fears - of loss, of change, of lawnmowers - he ignores the questions he really wants answered. Was his father telling the truth when he said Hughie was adopted? And will he really never get to see his mother again? Hughie Mittman's Fear of Lawnmowers is a heart-breaking but uplifting story about grief, the end of childhood, the power of friendship and the acceptance that although there are things we cannot change, the future can still be bright.

ISBN: 9781473641822

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Date of Publication: 31/01/2020

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