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Teen Titans Go! Box Set 2: The Hungry Games

by Sholly Fisch

Robin: Batman's brilliant protege. Starfire: cheerful Tamaranean princess. Cyborg: half robot, half human, totally awesome. Raven: mystical daughter of a demon. Beast Boy: shape-shifting teen who can transform into any animal. Together, they are the Teen Titans!

This box set includes Teen Titans GO! Vol. 4: Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit, Teen Titans GO! Vol. 5: Falling Stars, and Teen Titans GO!: Weirder Things.

First, the Titans need to burst into the Justice League's secret hide-out spot to save the world's greatest heroes from a malfunctioning security system that's holding them hostage!
The Titans also discover a new neighborhood treat when Jump City becomes the source of the caffeine craze sweeping the nation, they investigate a new time-wasting gadget that stops anyone from getting anything done, and they have to take on the scariest villains ever-insurance agents!
And game night at the Titans Tower ends with a portal opening up and sucking the Titans into a new dimension!

And of course, there's no shortage of trouble when Terra arrives! You won't want to miss these stories and more!

384 pages.

ISBN: 9781779521804

€ 32.50 

In Stock.

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Date of Publication: 17/10/2023

Cover of Teen Titans Go! Box Set 2: The Hungry Games - Sholly Fisch - 9781779521804Boxset

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