The Blue Castle

by L. M. Montgomery

From the pen of one of the greatest writers of children's fiction comes a remarkable story of romance and rebellion. Valency Stirling is a 29-year-old woman trapped in a stifling household, surrounded by domineering family members who are all too eager to observe her perceived failings. Her only refuges are the novels of John Foster and her fantasies of the 'Blue Castle', an imaginary world where her dreams can come true. When she is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she decides to seize control of her own life, leading her on a liberating journey of personal and romantic discovery. Renowned for Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery demonstrates that her remarkable talent stretches to the world of adult fiction too. The only book set outside of Prince Edward Island, one of her few stories to feature an adult protagonist, The Blue Castle is rightly acclaimed as one of Montgomery's most powerful tales.

ISBN: 9781839403705

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Date of Publication: 04/05/2020

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