The Colleen Bawn

by Patrick T Fitzgerald

The compelling story of Ellen Hanly(the Colleen Bawn), and the numerous adaptations that followed span three centuries. They combine to form part of the heritage of North Munster and the local Shannon region. Primarily, the account of the murder of Ellen Hanly is told in free flowing narrative. Included are the factual details; also the myths surrounding the events that unfolded in 1819 and the subsequent trials and executions by hanging of the convicted men. This book is the result of years of research through archive documentation as well as conversations with locals.The Colleen Bawn lays out further information on the families involved, as well as the long-forgotten identities of the members of the Grand Jury who convicted John Scanlan and Stephen Sullivan, his servant who was ordered to carry out the murder.

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Date of Publication: 16/07/2018

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