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The Gift of Dyslexia 3rd Edition

by Ronald D. Davis

ISBN: 9780285638730

Like other dyslexics, Ronald Davis had unusual gifts of creativity and imagination, but couldn t function probably at school and it wasn t until he was an adult that he discovered techniques that allowed him to read easily. Written from personal experience of dyslexia, this breakthrough book offers unique insights into the learning problems and stigmas faced by those with the condition, and provides the author s own tried and tested techniques for overcoming and correcting it.

The experience of being dyslexic is fully explained, from its early development to how it becomes gradually entrenched as a child comes to rely on non-verbal perception. Davis demonstrates that people with dyslexia have special talents of perception, imagination and intuition, which can be used to enable them to master the problems they have with reading and mathematics. He shows how the dyslexic mind works and how problems are compounded through failure and frustration. Setting out practical step-by-step techniques, using visualisation and multisensory learning, Ronald Davis brings help to the 15% of children and adults who struggle with reading and writing because of dyslexia. In this revised and expanded edition of his classic work Ronald Davis brings real help to people who have dyslexia.

304 pages.

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Date of Publication: 28/01/2010

Cover of The Gift of Dyslexia 3rd Edition - Ronald D. Davis - 9780285638730Paperback

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