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The Numinous Tarot Guide

by The Numinous

A modern guide to the Tarot from The Numinous. Discover the ancient art of Tarot in this modern and comprehensive guide. Featuring interpretations for every card of the Major and Minor Arcana, take yourself on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. The Tarot has never been more popular as a tool for everyday divination, with people from all backgrounds globally having rediscovered this ancient, mystical healing art. The Numinous Tarot Guide is an interactive self-study guide that unlocks the meaning of the cards in an instant - and in a way that is deeply personal to every reader. Following an introduction positioning the Tarot as a tool for self-awareness and self-discovery, a section for each of the 78 cards offers a modern, evolved interpretation of the card's meaning, along with numerous prompts and journal exercises, to help guide the reader into a space of deep reflection. While the traditional way to interact with the Tarot is to ask a question and then pull a card to divine the 'answer', this guide instead offers the invitation to choose a card first, and then use it as a portal to a deeper level of self-enquiry, using images, archetypes and your own stories to help discover why you think the way you think, and do the things you do. For example, pulling the 'Strength' card might offer journal prompts around endurance or recovery, while the 'Death' card might suggest a ritual to honour something that is ending in the reader's life. The Numinous Tarot Guide offers both a complete compendium of practical knowledge for modern interpretations of the Tarot, and a treasured space for personal reflection. Including insights into the symbolism, mythology and the 'Now Age' relevance of each card, it is an indispensable tool for anybody invested in forging a deeper relationship with their favourite deck, and also makes an ideal gift for mystical mavens, self-help fans and amateur Tarot readers everywhere.

336 pages.

ISBN: 9781783254422

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Date of Publication: 09/07/2021

Cover of The Numinous Tarot Guide - The Numinous - 9781783254422Hardback

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