The Smiling Man

by Joseph Knox

From the bestselling author of Sirens, Detective Aidan Waits returns - on the hunt to find the identity of The Smiling Man. 'An arresting new talent' MetroAidan Waits is back on the nightshift. Disconnected from his past and mistrustful of his future, he sleeps through the days and spends his nights responding to meaningless emergency calls.When he's summoned to a local train station in the black of night, they find the dead body of a man. He's sitting on a bench, smiling. The station guard sees a dead vagrant but Waits isn't so sure.All the tags have been precisely cut out of his clothes. His teeth have been filed down and the finger prints have been burned off his skin. As Waits begins to trace the last known movements of the smiling man, he finds a life intentionally erased. And when he connects the murder to another, he reignites a cycle of deception that may have gone undetected for yearsa Waits has a serial killer to find.

ISBN: 9780857524416

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Date of Publication: 08/03/2018

Cover of The Smiling Man - Joseph Knox - 9780857524416Trade Paperback