What is Normal?: Psychotherapists Explore the Question

by Roz Carroll

Why do we want to be normal? What is normal anyway? Ordinary? Like most other people? Sane? Correct? When probed, the notion of normality is fragile and shifting. Nonetheless, concerns about conforming, fitting in, and being accepted are deeply pervasive. For most, being normal is a goal, and deviation from accepted norms feels like failure. Yet when sexuality, gender, health, ethnic group, or any other common variation on the dominant theme come into play, many can feel out of step with this elusive standard. By contrast, some depend on being different to be creative, radical and discerning. Perhaps it is our very uniqueness as individuals that makes us usual, and that we rely on our edge dwellers for cultural growth. Through unique biographical accounts of formative moments, powerful political analyses and psychotherapy case vignettes each chapter of this fascinating book explores and challenges the concept of normal.

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Date of Publication: 30/11/2020

Cover of What is Normal?: Psychotherapists Explore the Question - Roz Carroll - 9781913494209Paperback