by John Waters

' Walk into almost any town in the West of Ireland and take a deep breath. You will inhale the stench of the decomposition of the Irish economy. This is the smell of Appalachia... we are dying of an ideological blight that has no cure.'

John Waters, The Irish Times, 23 November 1993

In his weekly Irish Times column, John Waters has written about a wide range of subjects. In Every Day Like Sunday? he brings those ideas together and unites them around their core theme death by flawed thinking. Whereas convetional wisdom continues to perceive 1990s Ireland as broadly-healthy-with-a-few-rough-edges, Every Day Like Sunday? describes a reality moving in the opposite direction - a fundamentally absurd society with an ever-contracting and self deluding centre.

But this is not simply an Irish condition. In all western countries, concentrations of economic and political power lead increasingly to alienation and human obsolosence. It seems that all the drifts in modern society are moving inexorably towards, a single point. What is that point? Is the Land where Every Day is like Sunday the place we really want to go?

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