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The EMDR Workbook for Trauma and PTSD

by Megan Boardman

Do you struggle with the ongoing effects of trauma? If you have experienced a traumatic event or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you may believe that you're permanently damaged; that the anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and fear will never go away. The truth is that it's possible to rewire your brain, so you can free yourself from the past, find healing, and live for the future. This workbook will show you how.

In The EMDR Workbook for Trauma, you'll discover a complete program to help you get in touch with, understand, and heal from the beliefs, feelings, and bodily sensations connected to your trauma. You'll learn to work through past or current trauma using emotion regulation and grounding techniques, and identify the specific triggers, limiting self-beliefs, and symptoms standing in between you and lasting peace of mind. You'll also discover how to cultivate compassion for yourself when you're feeling stuck. Finally, you'll find tons of tips, tools, checklists, and worksheets to lead you step by step as you process, heal, and journey toward a life free from the effects of trauma.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is proven-effective, fast-acting treatment. Unlike other approaches for treating trauma, EMDR not only treats the symptoms, but helps you identify and resolve the underlying causes so you can safely process your traumatic memories. Using the EMDR techniques in this book-such as bilateral knee tapping and other variations of bilateral stimulation-you can actually train your brain to rewire itself and return to normal functioning, despite negative past experiences.

If you're ready to address your trauma with confidence, this workbook will gently lead you on the path to healing.

216 pages.

ISBN: 9781684039586

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Date of Publication: 23/06/2023

Cover of The EMDR Workbook for Trauma and PTSD - Megan Boardman - 9781684039586Trade Paperback

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