The Landscape Photography Book

by Scott Kelby

In The Landscape Photography Book, professional photographer and bestselling author Scott Kelby teaches you how to shoot and edit jaw-dropping landscape photographs. Scott covers all you need to know, as he discusses everything from his go-to essential gear to camera settings to the photographic techniques that cover a wide variety of landscape situations and locations. Whether you're looking to capture a beautiful scene at sunrise, shoot a silky waterfall, create star trails at night, or show an epic location in a sweeping panorama, Scott's got you covered.

Among many other topics, you'll learn:

  • The best ways to scout locations (including online resources for faraway locations)
  • How to meter your scene for the best exposure (and when you should switch to spot metering)
  • Where to focus your camera for tack-sharp images from foreground to background
  • How to shoot HDR and panoramas (and HDR panos!)
  • The best night photography techniques for shooting the Milky Way, strair trails, and light painting
  • When and how to use landscape-specific gear and techniques such as ND filters, focus stacking, and Bulb mode.

    Once the shoot is over, Scott covers his process for editing landscape images. You’ll quickly learn the essential ways to bring out the wow factor in your landscape images?from the basics of white balance and exposure settings to the use of graduated and radial filters, how to make your colors pop, when to convert your image to black and white (and how to do it), and much more.


  • Chapter 1: Essential Gear
  • Chapter 2: Camera Settings and Lenses

  • Chapter 3: Techniques

  • Chapter 4: Composition
  • Chapter 5: Panos and HDR (and HDR Panos)
  • Chapter 6: Long Exposure Photography
  • Chapter 7: Post-Processing
  • Chapter 8: Landscape Recipes
  • Chapter 9: Other Gear and Techniques
  • ISBN: 9781681984322

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    Date of Publication: 30/06/2019

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