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The Modern Witch's Book of Manifestation

by Sarah Bartlett

The art of manifestation is not only about connecting to the universe to help you to achieve an outcome, but also about self-understanding, self-discovery and truly believing in your desires and intentions. Manifesting your goals and dreams is about making the things you want to happen, well, happen. By drawing on Wiccan wisdom, you will amplify and enhance all aspects of realising those desires.

This book shows you how to connect to your inner witch, cultivate confidence, self-belief, awareness and how to set powerful intentions. It also tells you the secret magic of the numbers 3,6, 9, and their use in manifestation techniques. This book also explains what manifestation is and isn't, and it teaches you all the basics of Wicca, such as how to work with solar and lunar cycles, deities, symbols and the five magical elements, create a sacred space and a 'book of shadows' to empower and amplify your intentions and manifestations. Along with a variety of Wiccan rituals and spell-casting, you will discover how to conjure positivity to attract the results you seek.

304 pages.

ISBN: 9781399722292

€ 18.75 

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Date of Publication: 17/08/2023

Cover of The Modern Witch's Book of Manifestation - Sarah Bartlett - 9781399722292Hardback

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