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The Secret Language of the Body

by Jennifer Mann

The new essential self-healing bible - a revolutionary body-first guide to regulating your nervous system, curing long-term pain and healing from trauma for good.

Anxious, burnt out, tired, overthinking, angry, shutting down, disassociating, procrastinating, people-pleasing, physical pain, chronic unexplained symptoms. If you're stuck, we can help.

Many of us have heard of nervous system dysregulation - but what does it actually mean, and what can we do about it? The Secret Language of the Body is your essential guide for moving out of survival mode, and healing your mind and body.

When a person is burdened by stress, anxiety and trauma, their nervous system adapts to help keep them alive in the short term, but can trap them in survival mode long-term, with detrimental effects. This is the state of nervous system dysregulation. Our autonomic nervous system is responsible for the constant yet subconscious communication between our brain and body, using a secret language that we urgently need to understand. Mind and body practitioners Jennifer Mann and Karden Rabin outline the three essential steps for resolving nervous system dysregulation:

* Become aware of dysregulated body response and why they happen

* Interrupt these responses

* Redesign them into helpful reactions

Exploring the science and triggers behind nervous system dysregulation and polyvagal theory, and including a comprehensive manual of cognitive, somatic, developmental and vagus nerve-based practices, this book will teach you exactly how to create meaningful and positive changes in your mind and body today. This is your moment to awaken the vast potential hidden within yourself, become fluent in your body's inner dialogue and truly heal.

352 pages.

ISBN: 9780008667658

€ 21.25 

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Date of Publication: 23/05/2024

Cover of The Secret Language of the Body - Jennifer Mann - 9780008667658Paperback

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