Understanding Android Tablets and Smartphones for All Ages

by Jim Gatenby

The understanding Android tablets and smartphones for all ages book is especially written for new users of Android tablets and smartphones. It is easy to understand using plain English and avoiding technical jargon wherever possible. All versions of Android generally function in a similar manner, but differences are fully explained. among the useful topics covered are: An overview of the Android family. Setting up, connecting to the internet and signing up for Gmail. Using the touch screen and on-screen keyboard. Screen navigation and changing screen colours. Installing Goolgle Play Store apps and preventing unwanted in-app purchases. Enjoying entertainment such as eBooks, music and videos. Web browing and searching for information. Using e-mail, Skype, WhatsApp and social networking. Taking and sharing photos. Using Google Drive to save your files in the clouds.

ISBN: 9780859347631

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Date of Publication: 15/04/2016

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