Utterly Jarvellous: 50 primary science activities you can do in a jar

by Sai Pathmanathan

Forget plastic beakers and pipettes, the only apparatus you need for these unique science lessons is a single household object - a jar! With 50 fun, accessible and sustainable lesson ideas covering topics across the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for science, this book will inspire teachers and engage children of all abilities. The whole class will be mesmerised by experiments to simulate a solar eclipse, build a wormery, make a lava lamp and watch a volcano erupt - all in a jar. Aimed at eliminating the need for single-use plastic, the activities in this book only require glass jars, lids and additional everyday materials that are easily available in most primary schools. Each science experiment is accompanied by a clear explanation of the science behind it, photocopiable worksheets with illustrated, step-by-step instructions for pupils to follow and evaluation sheets to consolidate learning. From science specialists to those just getting to grips with the subject, all teachers can deliver these environmentally friendly, inclusive activities with minimal preparation.

144 pages.

ISBN: 9781472984838

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Date of Publication: 26/02/2021

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