Well-Keeper Island

by Derek Nelson

Hey, you listen to me now,"" Daniel's tone was gentle. ""The opposite of brave is not scared, it's cowardly, and you're no coward. If you do something that puts you in danger, even though you're scared, it makes you even braver than if you weren't scared in the first place. Do you get me?"" Sara sniffled and wiped her nose with her sleeve. ""I think so. I never thought I could be brave and scared at the same time. I guess I can lead for another bit then, seeing that I'm so brave!"" She turned slowly in the passageway to continue in the direction they had been moving in. Journey with Daniel and Sara on a wild adventure across a mystical land. Undertaking a daring quest in search of three strange treasures, our pair find themselves in a magical world full of wonder and danger at every turn. Their quest becomes a race against time, aided by new friends and hindered by dark forces. Will they make it? For not all is as it seems on Well-Keeper Island.

ISBN: 9781398421271

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Date of Publication: 30/10/2020

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